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Backflow Testing Services in Birmingham

Latta Plumbing is equipped and ready to help you with the Birmingham Water Works Board requirement to perform an annual backflow assembly testing. If you have received a reminder letter, call Latta Plumbing immediately as you have 30 days to perform the test and submit the maintenance form. Latta Plumbing is a certified tester and we will complete your backflow test, fill out the necessary paperwork and email it on your behalf. We will also keep your information in our data base and remind you annually.
Backflow preventers are special devices used to prevent the reverse flow of water containing contaminants such as bacteria, pollutants or chemicals from entering a clean or potable water supply. Backflow preventer devices are fitted in the water pipeline to stop this reverse flow of water in a pipeline to the potable water source.

Top 3 Reasons You May Be Required to Test Your Backflow Preventer:

  • Annual Required Testing: Birmingham Water Works Board requires that all commercial and residential properties with backflow preventers be tested annually. This is to ensure the assemblies are in good working order and will protect the water from contamination.
  • New Installation: Birmingham Water Works Board requires that all new commercial and residential properties with backflow preventers be tested within 30 days of installation and annually thereafter.
  • Device Failure: A backflow preventer is mechanical and has many moving parts. There are various internal seals, springs, and other parts that have the potential to fail. Parts may fail unexpectedly because of excessive wear, fouling, and even general fatigue. This is called “Device Failure” and must be repaired. Once the backflow preventer has been repaired it must be tested immediately. If your device fails to pass inspection, you are responsible for repairing or replacing the device within 30 days. If you are still out of compliance after 30 days, all water services to the property will be discontinued until you are compliant.

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Call Latta Plumbing today to schedule your backflow testing and we will promptly respond, perform the test and fill out the necessary paperwork.

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