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Your Burst Pipe Repair Experts

In need of a quick burst pipe repair in the Birmingham area? Call us today at 205-631-6445 and speak to one of our friendly customer service experts.

When dealing with a burst pipe at home, it can seem like an absolute nightmare for you and your family. The best thing for you to do when you notice a burst pipe in the home is to contact our helpful experts at Latta Plumbing.

Burst pipes can cause flooding in your home, leading to deterioration of walls and floors, along with many other possible issues. Our team can quickly arrive at your home and take care of your situation in the most effective way possible.

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Why Do Frozen Pipes Burst?

When it gets very cold, normally below the freezing point, the water in your pipes can freeze. The reason for this is due to the fact that the water simply sits along the pipeline so that it is readily available when a tap is turned on.

When pipes freeze in or underneath the home, this could cause them to burst. Burst pipes happen because of the pressure that the ice puts on the pipe itself due to expansion. This is often the cause if your home has older pipes or copper piping.

Is a Burst Pipe an Emergency?

If a pipe in your home has burst and there is water gushing out, this is definitely an emergency situation. There are two reasons why a burst pipe is considered a plumbing emergency.

One reason is because it is going to flood the area. If you have an electric device in the area where the pipe is, this can cause an incredibly dangerous scenario for you and your loved ones.

Another reason a burst pipe is an emergency is because it can overheat water pumps and drain well systems. Also, your home will be without water while the burst pipe is still gushing water.

How Can I Prevent a Burst Pipe?

The best way to prevent a burst pipe is to switch your old copper piping to newer types such as PVC or PEX products. Our experts at Latta Plumbing in Birmingham, AL will be able to switch your piping for you if your house has older products that have a tendency to burst. Also, keeping the pipes warm with insulation can help keep the water within your pipes from freezing.

Many homeowners deal with burst pipes on a daily basis. This problem is definitely an emergency that should be taken care of right away. Call our experts at 205-631-6445 for quick solutions.

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