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Latta Plumbing: Let Us Unclog Your Toilet!

Looking for clogged toilet services in the Birmingham area? Call us today at 205-631-6445 and speak to one of our friendly customer service experts!

Few things are more frustrating to a homeowner than a clogged toilet. If you have children, then you are never quite sure what is causing the clog. Large families with only one or two bathrooms are also the victims of clogs on a regular basis. We have plenty of experience with clogged toilets and we can also install a new toilet if that is what you need. We have emergency clog services for your home or office building.

plumber repairing toilet

What Type of Toilet Paper Should I Use?

One of the primary causes of toilet clogs is using the wrong kind of toilet paper. The problem can be compounded when people in the home or office regularly use more toilet paper than they actually need.

When it comes to quantity, you should only use what you need and no more. Flushing excessive amounts of toilet paper down the toilet can cause a clog that can take a while to remove. The best kind of toilet paper to use is soft paper that feels like it could fall apart without much effort. If you cannot tell what kind of toilet paper is best by feel, then buy the toilet paper that says it is biodegradable. Toilet paper that is made up of several thin layers tends to break down easier in the water and causes less clogs than thick paper.

Why Is It Important for a Professional to Look at Toilet Clogs?

If your plunger is not getting rid of the clog, then you need to give us a call. One of the biggest mistakes people make is unraveling clothes hangers and trying to remove the clog by sticking the wire down the drain. Doing this however, will damage the porcelain on your toilet and could puncture your sewer line if it is already weak from age. For one thing, you have no idea how deep the clog goes. It could be in the toilet, or it could be in the sewer line.

The other problem is that it takes finesse and expertise to remove a clog properly. We have the experience and the equipment necessary to remove the clog and avoid damaging your toilet or your pipes.

How Can I Avoid Toilet Clogs?

As we mentioned previously, use the right kind of toilet paper and only use what you need. You will also want to keep an eye on the kids to make sure that they are not flushing toys down the toilet.

Avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper down your toilet. Your toilet was not designed to be able to handle paper towels or heavy items.

We recommend that you have us come in once a year to clean out your sewer drain and make sure that your toilet flushes properly. Call us today at 205-631-6445, a little preventative maintenance once a year can go a long way to preventing clogs in the future.

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