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Latta Plumbing: Your Garbage Disposal Service Experts

Are you in need of a garbage disposal repair or replacement in the Birmingham area? Call us today at 205-631-6445 and speak to one of our friendly customer service experts.

Garbage disposals are modern-day necessities that most homeowners can’t imagine living without. When properly used and maintained, garbage disposals can last quite a long time. However, when not maintained or used properly, the blades can wear out, parts can break, and they can become a danger to you and your family. At Latta Plumbing, our highly-skilled and experienced technicians install and repair all types of garbage disposals across the greater Birmingham area.

garbage disposal

How Can I Keep My Disposal from Getting Clogged?

Over time, the waste trap or line of a garbage disposal can become clogged with food waste. A common cause of excess food waste build-up is a lack of water. Not running an adequate amount of water down a garbage disposal when it is grinding food can cause the food to build up and clog the line, rather than flushing all the way through to your sewer or septic system. Grinding certain foods, such as potato peels, banana peels, and egg shells, can also easily clog your kitchen’s drain lines in no time at all.

What Are the Benefits of a Garbage Disposal?

Aside from the obvious benefits of convenience, odor reduction, and improved kitchen hygiene, there are other benefits of having a garbage disposal as well. Many people don’t associate garbage disposals with being good for the environment, but they are! Rather than filling landfills with food waste that contributes to greenhouse gas production, garbage disposals allow food waste to naturally break down in septic tanks or be converted into fertilizer or renewable energy at municipal water treatment plants.

Garbage disposals are also extremely energy efficient, because they only use a minimal amount of electricity. In fact, garbage disposals only cost pennies to operate each year. When the benefits of improved kitchen hygiene, convenience, and reduced landfill waste are added to the equation, a garbage disposal is definitely a worthy investment.

What Should I Do If the Disposal Emits a Foul Odor?

Most people with garbage disposals occasionally experience foul odors, which can be quite strong and unpleasant. These odors are caused by bacterial build-up in the drain lines or on the flange, stopper, and rubber splash guard. Odors caused by this bacterial build-up can overtake a kitchen in no time at all, making a spotless home smell far from fresh and clean.

While vinegar ice cubes and peels from citrus fruit can be regularly ground in garbage disposals to clean the blades, deeply clean crevices, and deodorize the areas of your garbage disposal where odors are prone to develop, they can also potentially damage the blades. Therefore, the best option to clean your disposal and get rid of foul odors is to call our qualified plumbing technicians, who have the tools and expertise to safely clean the removable parts and flush the drainage lines.

Whether you’re the proud new owner of a Birmingham home in need of a garbage disposal or have a disposal that needs repaired or replaced, the expert plumbers at Latta Plumbing are just a phone call away, so contact us today at 205-631-6445.

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