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What Are the Benefits of Plumbing Inspections?

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Many new homeowners, in their excitement and rush, to occupy the new home, forget about plumbing. Plumbing inspections are a priority for all homes and should be considered before entering the house.

Additionally, many homeowners overlook this fact because the plumbing system is hidden behind the walls. However, issues with this system can complicate your life in the future if not handled early enough. Only a plumbing inspection can identify the problems.

What are the Benefits of Plumbing Inspections for New Homeowners?

Many plumbing issues lie dormant and aren’t noticeable without professional help. Once a plumbing problem erupts, you end up spending more than you would have spent on an inspection. As you sit back and assume, the problem might be getting worse.

Professional plumbers have the skills to locate and handle undetectable problems in the plumbing system.

Leaks might seem harmless, but they form the beginning of bigger problems. With leaks come moisture, and with moisture retention comes a possibility of mold growth. Mold is one of the main causes of respiratory problems, which can be costly to treat.

Plumbing inspections point out problems with your potential home. This can prevent you from making a wrong choice, or give you a chance to bargain for a lower price.

As a New Home Owner, what can be done before Moving into a New Home?

Plumbing inspections point out several problems in your potential home. The problems will require repairs and modifications that have to be done before you move in. These include:

  • Repairing all the leaks in pipes and waste vent plumbing.
  • Securing all PVC piping at the joints.
  • Making sure all supply lines are pressure tested for damages.
  • Making sure all external faucets are secured to the building and aren’t operating with leaks.
  • All internal faucets need to be sealed to the sink or the tub and working properly.

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Why Work with a Professional Plumber?

A professional plumber comes with the skills and experience to handle any plumbing problem that might be in the home. The plumber also uses advanced technology to identify hidden issues.

The plumber can pinpoint a problem using imaging techniques so that there is no digging or breaking of walls. This reduces the time it takes to handle plumbing problems in the home.

A professional also gives you tips to help you avoid any problems in the future, advice that doesn’t come at a price.

By getting these plumbing inspections in your Birmingham home, will save you time and money. Call Latta Plumbing today at 205-631-6445, and see what plumbing inspections you need today!