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The 3 Biggest Plumbing Mistakes

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Your plumbing is one of the most important systems in your home. Without an adequate plumbing system, you won’t be able to shower, wash dishes or do laundry correctly.

Having a working plumbing system is valuable, but when it isn’t working, it can be disastrous to the home. Here are the three most dangerous plumbing issues and how you can avoid them.

1. A Toilet Not Sealed Properly

Toilets get old and ware out of time. Every time the toilet is removed from the flange, it must have a new wax ring to adequately seal it. When a toilet is not sealed properly, it can slowly leak onto the floor and cause damage.

This not only can cause mold, but it can also allow sewer gas to seep into the home. It can be avoided by simply replacing the wax seal and making sure the bolts to the flange are tight.

2. Poorly Insulated Pipes

Running pipes is not a child’s play. When there are pipes that are exposed, even under the kitchen sink, it is important to make sure they are insulated well. Pipes that aren’t insulated well have the potential to freeze in extreme temperatures.

There are heat tape products and other methods to ensure these pipes aren’t going to bust in inclement weather. A simple preventative maintenance step can save hundreds of dollars in damage should a pipe brake.


3. Not Knowing Where The Shut-Off Valve Is

There should be a water shut-off valve at the washer and dryer, one in the bathroom, under the kitchen sinks and the main home shut-off. If a water line or pipe should be damaged then being able to shut it off quickly is imperative. It can take time for a plumber to get to a home and get things under control.

That time that you spend waiting on the plumber can cause serious amounts of water to flood the home. The damages can be massive.

The first thing that anyone should do when there is a problem involving water is to shut off the water to the area if possible, and if not, shut off the water to the whole home.

When the homeowner knows exactly how to prevent these plumbing issues, it can save them a great deal of money.

As with most major systems, having a plumber to call is vital to fix any problems quickly and efficiently.

Don’t try to tackle repairs that appear to be simple, get a professional and get it done right the first time.

Don’t get mixed up in a serious plumbing issue in your Birmingham home. Call Latta Plumbing at 205-631-6445 today, and have the professionals clean up that mess.