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Benefits of Installing a Garbage Disposal Unit

When moving into a new home or an apartment, garbage disposal already installed in the kitchen is a feature that brings about a smile, especially to busy moms. On the contrary, utilizing the kitchen without garbage disposal causes a little more work and caution when it comes to cooking and cleaning meats, fruits and veggies. Besides, you dare not let any of those fatty meat and veggie scraps fall down your kitchen drain. So, we buy one or two of those drain stoppers to “stop” that from happening. In any event, everyone should have a continuous garbage disposal unit installed in their homes. Why did you ask? Well, let’s explore some reasons why installing garbage disposal is such a good idea.


The first reason for installing garbage disposal would bring a smile to almost any face is because of how convenient they are. It’s less work for the cook because many scraps, whether peelings from fruits, veggies or chucking the babies uneaten mashed potatoes right down the disposal take only 2 seconds flat. This way clean-up takes just seconds at a time and your kitchen remains cleaner, easier and takes less time to sanitize.

Rids Excess Trash

The next reason garbage disposal is an ideal feature for any kitchen is that it will definitely help to rid excessive amounts of trash sitting around your home. Thereby, eliminating the need to use extra trash bags, which ultimately saves you money. If installing garbage disposal saves you money in the long run, it will always be a good investment.

Controls Rodent Attraction

Utilizing garbage disposals offer a great way of rodent control as well. Although this may not be the thought initially, this is especially helpful in larger homes and buildings with larger kitchen space where there is more food preparation occurring. This alone explains volumes when it comes to the cost of pest control problems where it is more prevalent, of course, where the smell of food is the main attraction.

A Greener Alternative

Having a garbage disposal installed in your home especially an apartment home offers the best alternative for a “greener” lifestyle. Since, not having garbage disposal will only increase decomposing food pieces and particles in our land fields and causing the earth to suffer from an oxygen-poor environment, installing one would be the best “greener” alternative. Besides, we can think of it as a cleaner way of recycling our unwanted food and scrapings.

Has your kitchen sink been recently turning into a pool full of food residue? Let us install a garbage disposal in your Birmingham home! Call Latta Plumbing today at 205-631-6445.