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How Do I Know if I Have Gas Line Leak?

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You don’t need to be an expert to detect a gas leak in your home. The entire process is a lot easier than it may seem. Fixing the problem, on the other hand, does require professional help, but first, you must make sure the air you’re breathing is safe.

Just as long as a few safety precautions are taken into consideration, detecting a gas leak and preventing it from causing any harm to you or anyone else in your household should be your number one priority.

Secure The Premises

When dealing with a possible gas leak, it is always important to proceed with caution before igniting the oven or any other fire in your house. Gas has a particular smell, and when detected, it is best to open all the windows surrounding the area where the gas smell first appeared.

It is very easy for gas to linger throughout the house, opening all the windows before contacting a professional is the best way to avoid any problems with the leak.

Turn Off The Gas

Although that seems like the first thing you should do, turning off the gas should always be your second priority to airing out the house. Humans can’t breathe very well around gas, and in a compressed place like a home, the odor can spread very quickly filling up the house. Turning off the gas can be done by simply rotating the gas knob anti-clockwise.

Contact A Professional

When it comes to gas leaks, dealing with the problem yourself will more than likely make the problem get worse over time. Even if the problem gets temporarily fixed by the homeowner, the gas leak will just re-appear, causing odor to fill up the house with toxin air.

Contacting a professional will help a lot in fixing the problem right away, and it is always the best choice to take if a leak has been detected.

Professional plumbers deal with gas leaks on a constant basis, and it’s very easy for them to schedule routine check-ups to make sure your gas pipes are always in good shape.

If the smell has already spread out all over the house, first open all the windows, then try turning off the gas. After that just contacting a plumber and leaving your home until the specialist is there will ensure you don’t inhale too much gas.

Are you sensing that you have a gas line leak in your Birmingham home? Do Not wait, and Call Latta Plumbing at 205-631-6445 to get that leak repaired immediately by the professionals.