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Signs Your Home Needs to Be Repiped

There are a lot of signs to look for if you have concerns about repiping your plumbing. A home that has piping over 40 years old should have all of the plumbing inspected. You need to know what type of pipes were used in your home, what the condition is, and if the plumbing is safe.

Dangers of Aging Pipes: There are a lot of concerns associated with aging pipes. If the pipes are composed of lead, the wear from water over the years may have exposed it all. This could put lead to your drinking water. The aging pipes could have bacterial build up if the pipes have been galvanized, and your septic system could be breaking down. If your sewer lines are cracked or have started decomposing, you could be destroying the groundwater around you. It is highly important to have these pipes inspected for a recipe.

Signs Pipes Need To be Replaced: There are a lot of different signs your pipes need to be replaced. If the pipes are starting to get cracked, warped from changing temperatures, or they flake, they need to be replaced. If your pipes are rusting externally, they could have rust on the inside as well.

A plumbing contractor can test the water in the home to see if the water is contaminated from the old pipes. If you can’t get the amount of water pressure you need throughout the house, the problem could be the size and location of the pipes. Having the piping replaced can help this. Replacing pipes in the home adds value, and improves water quality.

Copper and PVC Choices: You will have to choose new copper or PVC options when you are replacing the piping in the home. The copper is more durable and more expensive, but it’s going to last for decades. The PVC is also reliable, and cheaper than copper, but it isn’t fire-resistant. You’ll have to decide what option fits into your budget and is best for your home.

If you think your home needs new piping, and the water quality is starting to suffer, get estimates from contractors to see what the cost is going to be.

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