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Are you ready for an emergency?

While one hopes to never have an emergency occur, it is best to have an emergency plan prepared just in case. An emergency plan for a plumbing disaster is different from the emergency plan for most other types of disasters. Most other disaster plans can be described simply as gather and go. A homeowner typically has a few more options in a plumbing disaster.

As with other disasters, the homeowner’s plan should start before the disaster ever strikes. First, a homeowner requires knowledge of three things. A homeowner needs to know where the emergency water shut-off valves are. He also needs to know how to turn them off. Second, they need to know who they are going to call to fix the problem once the water is shut off.

The first two pieces of information are found by looking and touching around the home. The individual valves should be located by each faucet. There should also be a main shut off valve for the dwelling as well. The valves are usually clockwise rotation off. They can be quite stiff. Therefore, buying a wrench is wise. The third major piece of information a homeowner must have to be prepared is to find a reputable plumbing company to take care of the issue. A good place to start the search is the Better Business Bureau.

When disaster strikes, the rest of the plan is easily implemented. The homeowner spots the leak. They rush to turn off the water to avoid additional water damage and potential fire hazard from electrical shorts. They then call the plumber they previously identified. While the homeowner is waiting for the plumber, they start cleaning up the area right around the leak to give the plumber better access to the problem.

The best plan for dealing with any emergency is to be prepared. A homeowner can be prepared for a plumbing emergency by knowing where their water valves are, how to turn them off, and how to contact the appropriate professionals. Knowing these three things can make a difficult day much easier.

If you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency in Birmingham, call Latta Plumbing now at 205-631-6445