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Drain Clog Prevention

Water pipe

A question for the ages, or maybe not so. There are many reasons why a drain clogs. Sometimes a hair gets stuck in the drain or food. Sometimes even grease that is easily poured into the drain, hardens and causes a stoppage in the drain. Stoppages can cause water to back up and while many people try the home remedies that they have heard of, many times this only temporarily pacifies the problem. Calling for the Drain Cleaning services of a professional company is always the best solution.

Different Pipes Could Be Causing The Backup

Many times a clogged drain can be caused by what we put in it, but other times our pipes could be to blame. Old pipes such as those made of iron and galvanized steel, have a rougher surface than the more modern pipes made of PVC and Copper. It is, therefore, important to keep your plumbing up to date. Old pipes tend to hold onto every piece of hair and cause a clog. Getting this type of clog unstopped is only a temporary solution. These clogs will likely regularly reoccur until new pipe installation occurs.

Backing Up Is Not Always Indicative Of A Clog

When people see their sink backup, they automatically assume something’s stuck in the pipe. Sometimes backing up sinks, and toilets are a sign of problems in the septic system. Many times backed-up plumbing can be accompanied by an unpleasant odor. In this case, a plumbing specialist should be called right away.

Keep Your Drain Clog-Free!

Keeping your drain clear requires not only being vigilant about what goes into the sink but also about keeping up with the routine care of your plumbing and septic system. Little things such as putting screen filters in your sink trap can help reduce the number of food particles that wind up in the pipes. Taking care to dump grease in a separate container to dispose of, instead of to dump it down the sink is also a big help.

It is important to take care of your plumbing so as to avoid problems. Many issues that occur you can avoid with a little forethought and some preventative maintenance.

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