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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance

The average hot water heater can last between eight and twelve years. The best way to ensure that your heater lasts as long as possible is by identifying the signs when your system needs maintenance. These signs might be obvious to a professional, but to the average homeowner, they can often be easily overlooked. Here are some clear signs that your water heater needs maintenance.

Smelly and cloudy water is a sign that sediment and deposits have begun to form at the bottom of your heater’s tank. These can easily be removed by a professional when he flushes the system, and the sooner that you identify this issue the better. The minute you smell sulfur or rotten eggs in the water or notice it has a cloudy appearance of deposits floating in your glass, contact a professional immediately.

Noisy water heaters are often a sign of impending problems. Although when the water heats it will make an occasional bubbling sound, loud bangs and other sounds are a sign the tank needs maintenance.

A leaky water heater can often be a sign that something is wrong within the tank or the pipes. It can often be difficult to find the exact source of the leak because the water travels to the lowest point before dripping. Contact a plumbing expert so he can locate the source of the leak and repair it as soon as possible.

The temperature of your water can often be a sign your heater needs maintenance. When the water takes too long to heat up, or if the water is not reaching the desired temperature, the heater could be experiencing difficulties within the electrical components. The upper or lower heating element could be malfunctioning and causing the tank to not heat properly. These repairs should be left to a professional because you risk injury or further damage to the tank if you are not sure how to properly replace the parts.

Whenever you see any water under your tank or the pipes, smell foul odors near the water, or see discoloration in the water, contact a plumber as soon as possible so he can properly maintain your heater and help to extend its life.

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