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Reasons Why Your Garbage Disposal Gets Jammed

Are you suffering the ills of a clogged garbage disposal? Whether it’s the lack of function, shrill sound, or even the intolerable odor, a clogged or jammed garbage disposal can evoke the ire of homeowners the world over. Although we know why we hate when our garbage disposals get jammed, not everyone is aware of exactly how it happens, however. By learning how garbage disposal can potentially jam, you’ll be more equipped to prevent another incident in the future.

When it comes to jamming garbage disposal, most people fail to recognize just how much of a detrimental effect that their everyday actions may be having. Although garbage disposal is designed to grind up food waste, it is also intended to work with the help of running water. By running your garbage disposal dry, you might as well be doubling the risk of a jam or clog. Another factor that negatively influences the garbage disposal, is the presence of solid objects in food. By allowing things such as chicken bones to go down the disposal, they’ll more often than not contribute to a jam. However, all of this garbage disposal knowledge is practically useless, without a qualified plumbing professional on standby to fix the jam. By hiring a professional plumber, you can have your vexatious clog cleared in the blink of an eye, for a price that won’t break the bank.

When all is said and done, improper disposal procedure is the number one cause of a garbage disposal jam. By running water while using your disposal, and keeping it clear of solid objects, you can enjoy a far greater overall lifespan from your disposal. However, if it should become jammed, waste no time in contacting a qualified plumbing expert before the problem worsens. If you’re the owner of garbage disposal, make it your mission to prevent a fatal jam or clog today, or you may come to regret it tomorrow.

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