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Slab Leaks: What Causes Slab Leaks?

Corrosion of wall

Slab leaks can happen to any home and cause considerable problems. Slab leaks are leaks that occur in one of the water lines running below the concrete floor of your home. Slab leaks usually happen as a result of a reaction between drinking water and the copper pipes.

What is a Slab Leak?

To be clear, a slab leak is a leak in a water pipe under the concrete of your home. A slab leak can cause the foundation of your home to crack or move. This kind of problem can be frustrating, costly and disruptive.

How are Slab Leaks Found?

Slab leaks are found according to how a home’s water system is installed as well as using listing and tracing equipment, to help locate the problem. It is important to note that insurance companies pay part of the cost.

Basically, they will pay the cost of the leak, line access, detection service, dry out and restoration of your property. Of course, each case is different but on average your insurance company may pay from $2,000.00 to $5,000.00.

What is the Solution?

The best solution for a slab leak is epoxy restoration. It is less expensive and invasive and in most cases, a 10-year warranty is given and it is a good choice for a single line repair. In most cases, the slab leak repair takes about two days. There are several basic symptoms of a slab leak such as cracks in your floors or wall, a big hike in your water bill and if your carpet is wet or you see mildew forming under the carpet pad.

Call a Professional Plumbing Company

If you have a slab leak, it is important to call a professional plumbing company. They have the equipment and know-how on how to handle this situation. Most importantly, slab leaks happen for several reasons: abrasion from long term vibration, corrosion from soil chemicals, pressure from human error or shifting ground or a construction defect.

Other Causes of Slab Leaks

Some may not know it but underground pipes that experience high pressure from earthquakes or poor construction can also cause slab leaks. In addition, a bend or crimp in the pipe will cause uneven wear and eventually water will create a hole at problem areas.

To conclude, there are various causes of slab leaks. If you suspect this has happened, call a plumbing company as soon as possible and have them make an inspection.

Are you seeing signs of a slab leak in your Birmingham home? No time to waste here, Call Latta Plumbing at 205-631-6445 to see what is causing that slab leak.