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Clean water coming from a tap

Does Your Water Filtration System Need Maintenance?

Home water filtration systems are a great asset for any household. They provide a constant supply of fresh, clean water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning yourself and your home. However, these types of systems do not stand alone without any assistance at all. In fact, whole home water filtration systems require some constant, preventive maintenance, as well as maintenance when certain circumstances develop.

One of the main signs to watch for with a water filtration system is evidence that there are problems with the filters. This can be accomplished with a simple, home water testing kit. Use the kit, and if you find that outside pathogens and bacteria have made their way into your system, it is time to call on a professional for maintenance.

With all water filtration systems, the odor can become an issue. These problems can also be accompanied by a strong and off-putting flavor to the water. If you notice an odd or foul smell to the water coming from your taps, then your system could be experiencing trouble in its filter or lines. Water that tastes bad is a tell-tale sign of a filter issue, and perhaps means you have the wrong type of filter installed for your system,. Those problems should be examined by a professional, as well, to rule out any system-wide issues.

A final, glaring sign that your water filtration system is in need of maintenance is a slow or entirely blocked flow of water. This could mean there is a problem in the lines that need to be resolved, that the filter has become clogged and must be replaced, or that your pump is too small to fulfill the needs of your home. Filters are easy to replace, but lines can be difficult to locate and clear. A professional can examine the system and see if your needs outweigh the output capable with the pump you have installed, and remedy that issue as well.

If you have any questions about your water filtration system, or need a water filtration system installed in the Birmingham area, then give us a call at 205-631-6445 and make an appointment today!