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Hydro Jetting, An Effective Way to Maintain Your Home Drainage System

As homes age, they need increased vigilance and maintenance in areas that commonly are subject to repair. Drains and sewer lines are one of the areas that need such care and hydro-jetting is an excellent way to keep them free and clear of damaging obstructions and clogs that can give homeowners headaches in the form of burst pipes and costly repairs.

Hydro-jetting is basically using high-pressure water flowing through a home’s drainage system in order to dislodge buildup and debris such as grease, roots, or other grime that can clog pipes and do severe damage to them if they aren’t cleared. It’s a similar cleaning method as using a power washer to clean a driveway or a muddy car. A high-pressure nozzle is placed on the downstream end of the drainage system at the main access point called a “clean out.” Water is then sprayed in the access at a pressure of 3,500 psi at a rate of about 18 gallons per minute throughout the entire drainage system.

This pressure is usually adequate to dislodge just about every obstruction in the system and scrub the lines free and clear of any debris. Traditionally, these obstructions were removed by a method known as “snaking” where a cable was sent through the lines to clean them out, but hydro-jetting provides the advantage of removing much more stubborn clogs and also can make the pipes clean enough that they can be lined with protective epoxy resin to make them last much longer before any additional maintenance is necessary.

So homeowners with problems with their home drainage and those who simply want to maintain and protect their system should consider hydro-jetting over traditional cleaning methods. Knowledgeable plumbers can do an inspection via a camera line to determine if hydro-jetting would be appropriate for the given situation. If hydro-jetting is warranted, it can save you a lot of worries to know that the pipes aren’t in danger of cracking and needing any expensive repairs or replacement.

Need to get the drains in your Birmingham home cleaned out? Try Hydro Jetting! Call Latta Plumbing at 205-631-6445 and get started today!