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What Is Hydrojetting?

Occasionally every home or business is going to experience some type of plumbing problem. Sometimes the same old problem will continuously rear its ugly head (i.e. clogs). Fortunately for customers, plumbers now have a new technique on their side. While not everybody is yet familiar with what’s known as hydro jetting, it can really help whenever there are recurring clogs and overflows.

Defining Hydro Jetting

This is a process wherein 3500 psi of highly pressurized water is shot from a hose in order to scour the innards of your sewage pipes. Such a powerful stream of water is able to blast through any debris that has built up there where it will compound any other problems that you may be having with your building’s plumbing.

All of this is done with what’s known as a hydro jetter. This is a machine that consists of a tank of water, along with a high-pressure hose and a mechanism that’s able to pressurize the water. Whenever this is brought to your site it is used to clean out the pipes in your plumbing system. Since every plumbing system has been built to flow downhill or downstream so that gravity carries the pipe’s contents out and away from the building the materials that the machine is able to dislodge will also do the same. With a quality hydro jetter hundreds of feet of piping can be properly taken care of at once.

Why You May Need Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a great solution whenever you’ve tried all of the traditional methods of removing a clog (i.e. snaking) and gotten nowhere. This is usually because there are things like roots in the way that need a more aggressive method to be used on them. It’s also a great idea whenever you need to scour the inside of pipes prior to lining them with epoxy resin or if your business deals with a lot of grease or other types of gunk.

The Bottom Line on Hydro Jetting

Using hydro jetting to clear out your drainage line is a great way in which to address the most resilient problems. It’s important to remember that you may still need to use additional methods to properly assess a situation. Nevertheless, in most cases, hydro-jetting really is all that’s necessary for even the toughest of problems.

Stop waiting for the perfect time to take care of your home’s drains and call Latta Plumbing at 205-631-6445 today for Hydro jetting services in the Birmingham area!