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How Is Your Drain Running?

When it comes to clogged drains, there is a tendency to believe that the simplest fix is to use a chemical drain cleaner particularly if the clog appears to be at the surface. There are several reasons why these cleaners may not be the best option.

Chemical cleaners can be hazardous to work with. The chemicals designed to dissolve organic matter such as hair, food, and grease will easily cause chemical burns on the skin if the product splashes. Professional strength formulas may create caustic fumes when used that can cause burns to the lungs, throat, and nose. There are safety precautions that professional plumbers take when handling these chemicals.

Chemical drain cleaners leave a residue that seeps into the ground and can contaminate water sources. When these drain cleaners mix with soaps and other chemical cleansing products that were harmless by themselves, they can create a volatile mixture. This contamination has a direct impact on the environment. The professional plumber is aware of more environmentally friendly options.

Certain acids, found in most chemical drain cleaners, cause damage to pipes and the enamel finishes of sinks and fixtures. These acids eat through metal creating cracks and holes—especially if the pipes are older or damaged previously. Using chemical cleaners to clear a clog could create more expense through the necessary replacement of damaged pipes.

Organic material such as grease or hair may not be the cause of the clog. Clogs that are deeper in the line require physical removal. If a tree root or branch has caused the clog, a chemical drain cleaner is useless. Only a professional will be able to determine the source.

The best solution for removing clogs is to have a professional plumber determine the underlying reason for the blockage. The safe removal of the clog without harm to the health or environment is well worth the investment.

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